Overseas Visits

ประวัติการเดินทางไปต่างประเทศ (My Overseas Visits)

Date Country Visited
Feb 1988 Study Master, PhD at UNSW, Australia
July 1992 Visit New Zealand
Dec 1995 Return to Thailand
Jan 1997 Visit Paris, France
Apr 1997 Study visit to Japan
Sep 1999 Food Micro Conference, Netherland
Oct 1999 DAAD scholarship, Mainz, Germany
July 2000 Visit Khun Ming, China
Nov 2000 ASEAN Food, Manila, Philippines
Mar 2002 Yeast Symposium, South Africa
Mar 2003 Wine tour leader, Australia
May 2003 Wine study visit, Australia
Aug 2003 Yeast Symposium, Hungary
Aug 2003 Stop-over to visit friends, Frankfurt
Oct 2004 Study visit, South Korea
Jan 2005 Alcohol study visit, Laos
May 2005 Collaborative project, Ghent, Belgium
May 2005 Stop-over visit, Vienna, Austria
May 2005 Visit sake breweries, Kyushu, Japan
Jun 2005 Study visit, Austria, Italy
July 2006 Wine training, Geisenheim, Germany
Jun 2007 Yeast Symposium, Sorrento, Italy
Aug 2007 Conference, KL, Malaysia
Sep 2007 East-West Center, Hawaii, USA
Oct 2007 Family trip, Australia
Nov 2007 Visit Maotai distilleries, China
May 2008 Visit food factories, New Zealand
Jun 2008 Study visit (fashion design), New Zealand
July 2008 Collaboration with Bundung Uni, Indonesia
July 2008 Conference, Luzern, Switzerland
Nov 2008 IFE Seminar, Bali, Indonesia
Mar 2009 Visit Soju factories, Korea
Apr – May 2009 Academic exchange, Germany, Switzerland, Netherland
Jun 2009 Academic visit, Sydney, Australia
Aug 2009 Yeast Symposium, Paris, France
May 2010 Study visit (Home Economics), Russia
May 2010 Study visit (kindergarten), Singapore
Apr 2011 Holidays, Hong Kong
Aug 2011 Yeast Symposium, Guadalajara, Mexico
Sep 2011 Stop-over, Los Angeles, USA
Oct 2013 Training course, Manila, Philippines
Mar 2015 Family trip to Japan
Sep 2015 TVET Conference, Indonesia
Oct 2015 Biological Science Seminar, Medan, Indonesia
Sep 2016 International Congress on Yeasts, Japan
Oct 2016 Research Trip, Brunei
Oct 2016 Research Trip, Manila
Jan 2017 Visit Wineries, India
May 2017 Family holidays in Taiwan
Oct 2017 Visit Taiwan Breweries
Mar 2018 Awamori breweries in Okinawa
July 2018 Taiwan with alcohol friends
Nov 2018 Hong Kong and Macau
Nov 2018 Hokkaido Sake Brewery Visit
June 2019 Okinawa with Family
Aug 2019 Bordeaux and Cognac
Oct 2019 Consult alcohol in Vientien
Oct 2019 ISSY35, Antalya
Nov 2019 Visit Distillery in Vientien
Nov 2019 Okinawa Awamori Tour
Feb 2020 Small group visited Nikka Whisky, Sendai