My New Position

This article aims to inform my non-Thai friends.

Toward the end of 2010 the process to select new deans at my uni was started because our dean terms were ending in February 2011.

I was running for dean position for the second term and there was no other candidate. Although a professor had announced her running earlier but eventually she didn’t submitted her documents.

But during this period there was an accusing letter with no signature circulating around the uni to discredit my administration.

Also my blog posts I wrote to complain about my work were printed out by anonymous enemy and circulated with the letter.

Later, after I presented my proposal to the Dean Selection Committee, it decided not to send me to University Council for approval. In it’s announcement paper no reason was given.

I lodged a protest to university council but they went on with the  election process for all other deans and left my faculty blank. Selection process will have to start all over.

I believe that there was a conspiracy to replace me. Similar fate has fallen upon two other fellow deans. The news spreaded and we have all been offerred advisor to the president positions at another uni in the RMUT system. Too bad, I’m not allowed to go. Just want to lock me up.

It is actually good for me because I don’t have to be responsible for an organization, to respond to people’s needs and greeds, to chair meetings, weddings or funerals or to please the higher administrators anymore.

So my current position is assistant professor as I have been. I have since acquired 3 master and a few undergrad students to carry-out research projects. I can concentrate on my research now.

However, I think the dean selection process was excuted unfairly and might conflict with regulations. They should have sent me to the council. If they don’t like me then they can lobby council members not ti vote. Then it is OK because members have their rights. But selection committee have no rights to just refuse a candidate without sound reasons. So I sent a letter of disagreement to the University Council and also filed a law suit to the Administrative Court. I want the court to prove whether uni can do something like this or not.

I will update the court proceedings on this blog.


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